We can’t all be size 10 super models

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We can’t all be size 10 super models

There is an issue I have been struggling with for a while, the unrealistic view that we all need to be size 10 super models. Social media is playing a big part in this warped view, each morning I scroll through fitness tags on Instagram this is what I see…

I see woman from the fitness industry wearing little more than a crop top and “shorts” (I have undies that cover more skin) posing and smiling with a cheesy catch phrase like “good morning peeps, time to exercise”. I ask myself what is the purpose of this post? First of all I find it sad that at 7am the first thing some women think of is to post an imagine of themselves on Instagram wearing tiny “shorts”. Back to my question, what is the point of these posts? Is it to inspire other women to get up and exercise so they too can pose in undies? Or is it simply an excuse to show off their amazing bodies? I think we all know the answer to this.

What I would like to stress is these women do not represent the average population and it upsets me to hear my clients compare themselves to these women. We all can’t be size 10 supermodels and that’s ok! I’m not saying we shouldn’t set goals to be the fittest and healthiest we can be, of course we should. What we shouldn’t be doing is comparing ourselves to women who can’t differentiate between undies and shorts.

With years in clinic I can tell you for a fact that for many people it is not as simple as calories in v’s calories out. I have women come in with near perfect diet diaries, exercising daily yet struggling to drop 1 kg. I will share with you what I explain to them; the body doesn’t know what to do with a calorie until instructed by our hormones. In other words hormones dictate how we utilize calories and reduce body fat. Some of the hormones I am talking about are insulin, cortisol, human growth hormone and thyroid hormones. If you suffer with insulin resistance, high stress, poor sleep or hypothyroidism chances are weight loss for you is slow, hard work and at times feels like you are pushing shit up hill, pardon the French. It is with this science and clinic experience I can say we are not all meant to be size 10 super models.

It is time woman stop comparing themselves to fitness professionals who exercise and diet for a living; its time women start competing against themselves. Pull out a pair of jeans that you really want to fit into and set a goal to be the slimmest YOU can be. Stop making it ONLY about the scales and start making it about optimum nutrition and fitness goals. Register for a 10km run or set yourself a goal of chin ups in the gym, make your goals challenging yet achievable and start praising yourself when you achieve them. For some it may be slow and extra hard work but that’s what makes it even more special when you get there.

Do you want to know what heavily impacts on health and longevity? No it is not taking a selfie at 7am, it is happiness! If posing in your undies makes you happy then good for you, seriously good for you. Ill tell you what makes me happy; setting goals and smashing them, running 10km just cos I can, a glass of red wine, lifting weights every morning with my boys, dark chocolate goji berries, seeing my clients achieve results, eating organic, crossing the finish line of any race and of course my friends and family.

I am a nutritionist and far from physical perfection, my weight goes up and down, I have enough junk in my trunk to rival J Lo but I am bloody fit, super happy and like what I see in the mirror. We can’t all be size 10 super models nor should we want to be.

The Health Whisperer xx

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