Are celebrities destroying the nutrition industry?

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Are celebrities destroying the nutrition industry?

So I have thought long and hard about this and it may very well come back to bite me in the arse but I have never been one to hold back so here goes.

What the hell is going on with unqualified individuals preaching nutrition? As a nutritionist I am blown away with how many people tell me they are basing their nutrition on books written by unqualified people and if that wasn’t scary enough they are expecting me to be happy about it.

How is it that a journalists approach to quitting sugar has now become mainstream nutrition guidelines?

Yes we need to avoid processed sugars but this is only one part of achieving an optimum diet. Let me tell you something from years in clinic, there is not one blanket approach to nutrition.

Do I follow a vegetarian diet? No but I certainly respect anyone who does. Do I eat a lot of sugar?  No but I’m not obsessive about it and will enjoy the occasional slice of homemade carrot cake (shock horror).

Many different diets have credibility and you are going to find studies to back just about any nutrition approach. 20 years ago those backing the “low fat diet” were basing their views from available research and I bet they were just as passionate as the current “low sugar” converts.

Ill tell you what the real problem is, we are all focusing on restriction and “bad” foods; no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no processed foods….. How about we instead start focusing on recommended foods, nourishing foods, quality food, foods that don’t make us feel guilty and foods that make us happy.

Having a celebrity tell you what to eat is ridiculous. I’ve got an idea, how about a balanced approach to food and nutrition? A diet where nothing is off limits you simply choose to nourish more often than not, a diet where you don’t feel guilty for adding honey (sugar) to your tea, a diet where you can enjoy a meal out with friends, a diet that is proven time and time again. It is simple, it is a diet filled with living foods (including honey) packed with vitamins, minerals and disease fighting phytochemicals. This is what qualified healthcare practitioners recommend, this is what works and this is what will make you happy and healthy.

Everyone has the right to their opinion and in my opinion life is too short to be obsessed with the latest celebrity crazy, life should be enjoyed and this includes eating carrot cake.

The Health Whisperer xx

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